The New Testament code

The Cup of the Lord, the Damascus Covenant, and the Blood of Christ. Barnes and Noble, 2006.

“Eisenman uncovers the Truth and unravels the real code behind New Testament allusions like ‘this is the Cup of the New Covenant in my blood,’ connecting them to ‘the New Covenant in the Land of Damascus’ and ‘drinking the Cup of the Wrath of God’ in the Dead Sea Scrolls. In doing so, Eisenman demonstrates the integral relationship of James the Brother of Jesus to the Righteous Teacher of the Dead Sea Scrolls, deciphers the way the picture of ‘Jesus’ was put together in the Gospels, and clarifies the real history of Palestine in the First Century and, as a consequence, what can be known about the real ‘Jesus’. In paring away the traces of Greco-Roman anti-Semitism – which were deliberately introduced into this picture, thereby tainting Western history ever since – The New Testament Code shows what really happened in Palestine in that time, not what the enemies of those making war against Rome wanted people to think happened.”