The New Jerusalem

The New Jerusalem: A Millenium Poetic/Prophetic Travel Diario (1959-1962), North Atlantic Books, 2007, is a collection of his youthful travel poems from 1959-62 when Paris was still ‘a moveable feast’ and when he was ‘on the road’ between Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Israel, Iran, Beleuchistan, Pakistan, and India. Includes an Afterward on the Six-Day War, April-June, 1967.

“Eisenman…reveals an unexpectedly lyrical voice in this collection of poems, written between 1959 and 1962 on the overland trail to India via Paris (when it was still ‘a Moveable Feast’), Israel, Turkey, Iran, and Pakistan. A backpacker’s journal in free verse – which can be looked upon as an ‘anti-Beat Manifesto’ and even includes some ‘quasi-prophecy’ – The New Jerusalem not only starts out in San Francisco, but is also an intimate self-portrait of a young man at a turning point in his spiritual development.”

Article involving The New Jerusalem: “Robert Eisenman – Man of New Ideas.” Allan Koay in The Star (Malaysia), Dec. 5, 2010.